Bethany. 20. Christian. Cook. Graphic Artist. Narnian. Whovian. Writer. Avid reader and kitten obsessor.
More complex than I seem.
I'll be posting fandom nonsense, cute stuffs, and all things nostalgic.

Fun Facts:
Can quote Narnia Prince Caspian from beginning to end.
Can still sing every Veggie Tales song.
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Tennant with a cat is actually adorable 😍
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"It has come to a point where I have more TV obsessions than friends."

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We create fantasy because, without it, reality would be unbearable.
Illustration by Kristin Kest
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It’s a metaphor, see: you hold a pen with your homework in front of you, but you don’t do it, you don’t give it the power to do its killing

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people who laugh so hard at their own jokes that they can’t even finish the joke because they’re laughing so hard are my favorite kind of people

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Quality Blog
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ehh, Ed.. 
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I always find that the best way to dress is somewhere between 'Last of the Time Lords' & 'Wizard trying to be a muggle'
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